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Banners for Ridgeview and Springbrook Hospitals

Banners I made for Ridgeview Hospital and Springbrook Hospital both under the Oglethorpe Inc company. Both sites are a bit minimalist in the design, these banners fit that look. I choose a minimal look for those site due to the lack of content hoping it would make it appear there was more content then there was. Springbrook Banner 5
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Help! I Need a New Project!

I have some free time coming towards the end of the year, I need a project to fill that time.

Butterfly-rightAre you looking to launch your first site? Do you have content ready to go you just need an awesome website to put it on? Are you looking for guidance on how to really up your web presence game? I have a little less than 2 weeks free coming towards the end of the year. I specializes in getting new businesses up and running on the web or helping small businesses up their web game. Continue reading