Ophthalmic Chairs – Website


I am sad to say that this site is no longer in use as this design. I am not even sure it isn’t just parked or forwarded elsewhere. However, this was a site I did for VSI when they were doing a “feeder site” program. They bought a bunch of keyword urls to capture traffic.

The program is history, as this is a big no no now, at least the way they were doing it. However, that program gave me 91 sites to play and design for, granted they were all optical and ophthalmic equipment which lead to a bit of design burnout, but I gained an enormous amount of experience with these sites.

Each site was designed differently in terms of overall look and feel. They were all hand coded with a bit of Dreamweaver CS4 sometimes mixed in. I use Dreamweaver when I write code yes, but it still is mostly hand written. All updates that the sites needed were done by hand as well. Imagine how much I dreaded a new product that had to be uploaded to like 20+ sites!

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