My Philosophy on SEO


How I approach SEO

SEO to me can be summed up in 3 words “Content is King”. Now you can stop reading if you know what I mean and how to accomplish that goal, otherwise, you might want to read a bit more.

Provide useful, thoughtful, and good quality content and your page rankings, link building, social networking buzz, and trust will all magically appear. Ok maybe not magically, because building good quality content is damn hard work. However, it is the single biggest and the best factor you can do for your site.

What does good quality content give you?

  • Talked about – Social Networking Buzz and Page Ranking

    If users like your content and find it worth sharing, then they do really share it on social networks. This, in turn, gives you buzz and buzz leads to better page ranking.

  • Links – Link building and Page Ranking

    If users share your content this also leads to better page rank and link building. Really look at this site, most articles link to people I find good information from. Sure some are big names like Google, but there are others I linked to that you may have never heard of right? That my friends is organic link building. These people wrote something I found worthy, so I linked them.

  • Trust – Authority and Page Ranking

    Quality content leads to trust from your users, from others in your industry, from people sharing and talking about your content. That trust leads to the search engines viewing you and your website as an authority, which of course helps page ranking.

It all really does go together. If you get a chance check this guide from Seach Engine Land, it’s called “The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors” It is an easy guide for people who don’t know anything at all about SEO yet technical enough for those that do to use it as a reference guide. I do use this from time to time, usually when I need to explain my point of view to a client or employer.

My thoughts on Link Building

The best way to build link building also requires a lot of patience and hard work on content.
Search engines want organic links period, simple as that nothing else counts. They don’t like paid links. They don’t like links that lead users to spammy looking sites.

Let me just put it plainly if it isn’t organic it doesn’t matter period! End of discussion really, the search engines gods have spoken! Head their call! Don’t believe me? Check out Google’s link schemes guide of what not to do. Ok ok, so Google’s a stick in the mud? How about Bing then? This is what Bing says about quality link building:

We’ve said it before, and you’ll hear it said again: content is king. Providing high-quality content on your pages is the single most important thing you can do to attract inbound links. If your content is unique and useful to people, your site will naturally attract visitors and, as a result, automatically get good links to your site. By focusing on great content, over time, your site will naturally acquire those coveted inbound links.

A user wants to know something from someone they can trust. Finding your site on bad linking types of pages only makes the user think you’re spam.

Just provide good, quality content, that’s my approach. Most businesses find this as one of the hardest things to do though. It takes time, research. writing skills, editing skills. If you invest in this though I think you will find it was worth it.

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