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My latest project was a huge one. My company requested a new catalog design. They wanted a total overhaul of the catalog they had been passing out. I had never done this type of project before so not only was I excited but very nervous about how it would turn out. On top of the catalog of all our product offerings, they also wanted a second catalog featuring the new line of products under their Burton brand. So essentially, I had to make 2 catalogs at the same time all while learning how to use a program I had never even touched before; InDesign. In addition, after they went to print I was to turn the total product catalog into an interactive online catalog, again I had never done this either.

Here is a pdf to the end result:

VSI catalog image

Vision Systems Product Catalog

Keep in mind this is a first edition there are tweaks I’d like to make as well as the VSI marketing department. Considering I had never done anything like this I am very proud of the end result.

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