Hot Tub Parts Top Banner area of new website redesign

Hot Tub Parts Website Design

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My first big eCommerce site it was done with WordPress. This was done while employed full-time not as a contract.

This is how the old site looked. The navigation was all over the place and you never really knew where you were within the site. In addition, the images we tiny and hard to see. It was, in short, very old and outdated. They really need to bring the site up to date and make it more user-friendly.

Old Site of Hot Tub Parts

These are some screenshots of the new redesign of the site Hot Tub Parts. The company wanted some quick links at the top to the most popular areas of the site which I placed on the front page at the top. In addition in the traditional area for navigation (right under the banner) I didn’t place the navigation for the store, If I had it would have been too cumbersome to keep clean and user-friendly.

Hot Tub Parts Top Banner area of new website redesign

Instead I placed account, cart and buying guides there, and opted for a side navigation drop down menu. This allowed for more sections to be displayed when the user needed it and somewhat hidden when the user didn’t need it.
Middle section of Hot Tub Parts new website redesign

Footer area of the redesigned website for Hot Tub Parts

Overall, the site is now more modern, clean and user-friendly than before. There are other features I’d like to add to the site later and more SEO needs to be done on each product like better descriptions.