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This website was done in the Fall of 2012. They needed a more unified identity than they had before. It is a WordPress site, with a child theme based on the 2011 theme from WordPress.

This was only the second site in WordPress that I ever did from the ground up. I do not do PHP, although I did take a class in it. So, every time the owner asked for some special feature that required me to mess with PHP I continually told him I don’t do that, I only know enough to screw it up really bad. He would laugh and say you’re doing a mighty fine job for someone who doesn’t do PHP.

I learned a lot on this project. From how awful plugins can be to your site, to editing the PHP to allow me to render things as we wished. There are things I would do differently if I did this site again today. However, considering this was one of my first WordPress sites I am pretty proud of myself.

FSP website screenshot

*This site is no longer up and running the owner has closed this site.

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