Fantasy Guild Tours ~ Website

Fantasy Guild Tours logo banner
I did this project in the late summer early fall of 2014. Fantasy Guild Tours is a niche travel site, they arrange travel tours around the ballroom dancing competitions around the world. Their travels are based on luxury travel as well with fine hotels and dining experiences being the utmost important in arranging their travel accommodations. They wanted their site to reflect the luxurious look. I think I achieved that look with the Gold accents and the opulent heading fonts.

I am not the one maintaining it. The content is lacking but the look is there. I didn’t really like the countdown timer they wanted on the front page, at least not how it is there. I would have rather had something a bit less in your face. However, the client loved it and wanted to keep it. I added borders around images in the sliders on certain pages to give it that vacation photos look. If they placed more content on the site and update it regularly they could have a great niche travel site.


Front page of Fantasy Guild Tour Website