Friday, July 23, 2021
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Welcome to SEO 2015

The rules of SEO have changed, have you changed how you do SEO? Two years ago I wrote an article here called My Philosophy on SEO it was a relatively small article and just talked about the basics of what I thought SEO was and should be. At the time, Google had yet to introduce […]

The Importance of Maintaining Digital Assets

I recently started working at a new company full time. As I began the new job I, of course, had to go through digital assets the company had in order to begin working on their social networking sites, websites and other digital areas.

Converting a Print Catalog to an Interactive Web Catalog Part 3

This tutorial is part 3 in a series. Part 1 of this tutorial can be found here. Part 2 of this tutorial can be found here. Now that our catalog has navigation, animation, and sound we want to upload it our website as well as fix the display issues we saw in part 1 of […]