My Newest Work

New LEAPS Website Design

My newest project just launched this week. It’s a 501(c) special education school called New L.E.A.P.S. I think it looks fabulous. New Leaps website design screenshot Read More

New LEAPS Banners

These are the banners made for the New L.E.A.P.S website.

New Leaps Banners and Backgrounds
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My Newest Notes

Welcome to SEO 2015

The rules of SEO have changed, have you changed how you do SEO?

Webgoddess Butterfly Logo Two years ago I wrote an article here called My Philosophy on SEO it was a relatively small article and just talked about the basics of what I thought SEO was and should be. At the time, Google had yet to introduce Panda, mobilegeddon, personalized searches, or even place more importance on local searches. Read More

The Importance of Maintaining Digital Assets

I recently started at a new company full time. As I began the new job I of course had to go through digital assets the company had in order to begin working on their social networking sites, websites and other digital areas. The companies digital assets were a mess. Not only were things all over the place in numerous folders and on various computers, the were missing tons of originals even. This is not the first time I have found a company with poor digital management. I also encountered the same problem with my work at a company. Read More

Currently Experimenting & Reading

I like to learn new concepts in web design and try new things I have never done before. I try to do one new thing I've never done before every time I do a site. I think it is important because if I always do the same thing how does that help me grow as a designer? Sometimes I read a book to find "new concepts" or improve my current skills, sometimes I get new ideas from a website I saw or a tutorial I viewed. Below are either books to read or being read and some concepts I am experimenting with.
This is on my kindle to be read, for improving my UX design skills. One of my major rules is to design for the user always first. The user is the most important audience of a website. Without them, why do you have a website?
This is on my kindle to be read. I don't currently write JavaScript. I use it in places but it is usually someone else's code. I do not like to program. I know some people consider HTML and CSS as coding but I do not. This book may get me coding JavaScript it may not. I am hoping for at least being able to tweak code even if I don't write it.

My Inspiration

These people really make my creative juices flow, either with amazing sites or thoughtful articles that challenge me in some way. Yes, some would be considered my competition, it doesn't mean I can't admire their work does it? Hope you enjoy them too.